Need a Video Conferencing Tool
to your sales job?

Our features are made to convert your prospects and offer you smooth and efficient video sales meetings.


Offer a branded video meeting to your prospects thanks to

Sales enablement

Use our resources to perform : build your checklists and sales arguments, access our FAQ or also the competitor analysis.


Gather quality data : audio recordings with time stamps, notes and answers to the checklists.


Integrate video meetings to your sales process: export automatically your meetings' insights to your CRM.


Analyze the performance of your team: interactions, performance of the meetings or downloads of your presentations by the prospect.

Content management

Access the right presentation during your video meetings thanks to the shared library.

Without installation

La connexion est facilitée pour vous comme pour votre prospect. Vous avez uniquement besoin d’un navigateur internet.


Your data is encrypted to ensure its integrity and confidentiality. On top, the guests have to enter their email address to access your video meetings.

With thebasics of course

HD video conferencing, invitation management or screen sharing: Verticalls naturally offers you the best of classic video conferencing !

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions on our product

How does the 7-day free trial work?

When registering on Verticalls, you do not need to enter your credit card. You will have access to all our features free of charge for 7 days. This of course includes an unlimited number of meetings. You can save additional trial days by testing each of our features. Your trial period can therefore be up to 14 days. Go to your personal space to find out more ;)

Does Verticalls require installation?

Verticalls does not require any application installation. You only need a browser on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Does Verticalls offer similar features to my current video conferencing tool ?

In addition to the exclusive features made for sales people, Verticalls offers all the classic features of a video conferencing software : synchronization with your calendar, screen sharing, virtual background, HD video or even online chat.

Do I have to connect Verticalls to my CRM?

No, you can perfectly use Verticalls without using a CRM. The summaries of your meetings and your contacts are saved in your Verticalls personal space. You can use Verticalls as a new video conferencing tool and simply download your contacts and meetings if that’s what you prefer (CSV and text formats).

Is my CRM compatible with Verticalls?

Verticalls is now compatible with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and Zoho. Our integrations are constantly evolving, and we can also make custom integrations to perfectly integrate Verticalls into your business processes.

How does the synchonization with my CRM work ?

First of all, synchronization allows you to go and find your contacts directly in your CRM when you plan a meeting in Verticalls. Secondly, it allows you to automatically export all the information collected thanks to Verticalls to your CRM to expand your prospect qualification.

Each Verticalls meeting is associated with a contact / e-mail address, and all the insights collected in this meeting will be exported automatically at the level of your contacts in the corresponding CRM in the "notes" section.

All integrations are possible , you can build the one that best suits your business processes by choosing a “Custom” plan. You can de-synchronize Verticalls with one click and without consequences. You will always have the option of exporting all your meeting insights in text format.

How do the checklists work ?

Build your checklists in the "Resources" section of your personal space. Thanks to the checklists, you will not forget any questions during your meeting with your prospects anymore ! You can prepare pre-filled answers to be ticked or even empty fields.

During your meeting, you will fill in your checklists with the answers of your customers in real time! These answers will be recorded in the summary of the corresponding meeting.

How does the sales arguments work ?

Build your arguments in the "Resources" section of your personal space. Enter typical objections and the corresponding business arguments. You can add as many objections as you want to your argument base.

During your meeting, you will only have to type a keyword on your screen in order to find the argument to oppose to your prospect's objections!

How can I invite my teammates ?

You can invite your employees to join your team in the "Management" section of your personal space. Simply enter your employee's business email address to send them an automatic invitation email. You can give them the role of administrator (like you) or just a marketing or member role.

How does a meeting work ?

Verticalls video conferencing meetings offer you the possibility to take notes and to record stamped audios of your video meetings. Not to mention sales enablement tools, also accessible from your screen during your video conference! Sales arguments, customer discovery checklists, or even a list of your presentations: all yoursales weapons are at your fingertips to sell better

1) Simply invite your contacts from your CRMor from an email address.
2) Your guest (s) have to enter their email address to access your meeting for added security. They will also have access to notes taking and will be able to download your presentations.

Is meeting's duration unlimited in Verticalls ?

Yes, the length of a meeting in Verticalls is unlimited.

Is the number of meetings unlimited?

Yes, you can organize as many meetings as you want.

How many people can participate in a meeting?

Verticalls meetings can have up to 50 participants.

What formats are supported for presentations?

All documents uploaded to Verticalls are automatically converted to PDF, regardless of the original format.

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