How to succeed in Remote Selling ?

How to succeed in Remote Selling ?

April 20, 2021
How to succeed in Remote Selling ?

Let’s face it, the use of remote sales calls to discuss pricing, product options and even to make first contacts with potential clients is nothing new. People have been remote selling since the invention of the telephone. However, pitching remotely has changed greatly in recent years as more and more digital techniques have offered new opportunities in business development. Indeed, around a third of customer-facing meetings are now being conducted virtually and that proportion looks set to rise.

Afterall, when so many people were becoming accustomed to working from home in 2020,that figure is likely to have shot up as many businesses have adapted to new modes of working. What are the keys to selling remotely and which tools willsuit your organization best? Read on to find out.

Remote selling : definition and advantages

Remote selling is the new normal

If you only use your computer’s webcam to talk to your colleagues or present your sales figures to the board, then you have not made the most of this sort of technology. Although many of your clients may be more used to you picking upthe phone to provide them with new product information and sales promotions,the chances are that they are also going to be receptive to video conferencing these days.

This is because so many more people are used to spending time in front of a camera nowadays. Videoconferencing equipment used to be thought of as something that would only be used in the head office for connecting senior members of staff with one another. However, these days everyone is using it for day-to-day meetings.

It is partly because so many more people now work from home for at least part oft heir time to and partly because this sort of technology has proved itself to be a reliable business tool, but the fact is that uptake in virtual meetings supported by video is now common place.

The advantages of video conferencing when selling remotly

Of course, when you are selling remotely, being able to look your client in the eye is a great help. You will be able to read their body language more effectively, too, just as you would in an in-person meeting.

Equally, when remote selling in this way you can demonstrate your product or give more insights into your company’s services if you are able to operate visually, perhaps interspersing your webcam with slides and video presentations. These things are simply not possible with audio-only calls, of course. Finally, videoprospecting will also allow you to pitch to multiple clients at the same time, an important consideration for most enterprises including business-to-business ones.

Advice on using video sales correctly


Video selling for the prospecting phase

None should be under the impression that selling remotely is a breeze. It still takes skill to make your pitch at the suitable juncture and to ensure that it lands well with its intended audience. In this regard, adjusting your virtual sales techniques for the stage you are at within the business development cycle is essential.

For example, you might want to make use of video selling with a pre-recorded pitch that outlines what your company has to offer at the prospecting stage. Interested parties might then be invited to find out more by getting in contact, looking at your corporate website or booking a live videoconference with a member of your sales team.

Virtual sales prospecting in this way will mean you are able to reach a much wider potential audience while also having something automated on offer that is suited to every time zone around the world. Compared to live phone-based prospecting, when you may need to work unsocial hours to reach clients in othertime zones, this is a big plus point.

Video conferencing for the nurturing phase

At the nurturing stage of the sales process, videoconferencing and sales calls are likely to be a better fit. This is when you will want to personalize your responses and tailor your pitch so that it meets client expectations morefully. For all the reasons given above, the use of video in sales nurturing will offer salespeople more instant feedback about what they are getting right and – perhaps even more crucially – the approaches they need to ditch.

Preparing for a video prospecting call effectively

Prospecting is about making a good first impression. Whether you are using a live videoconference or pre-recording a video for an initial pitch, it is crucial that you look smart and that your background is not distracting.

This means that pets need to be out of the way and extraneous noises minimized. Ensure there is enough light so that you and your samples can be seen clearly with no shadows falling over you. Break up your presentation so that viewers are not just looking at your face. Share your screen so you can point out particular sales points from slides or other video presentations. Finally, opt for a blank, professional background behind you. After all, you don’t want your potential new clients to gain too much of an impression of your personal life if you are pitching from home.

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