ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) : Target the right prospects

ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) : Target the right prospects

June 21, 2021
ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) : Target the right prospects

Building an ideal customer profile means gaining an improved understanding of what the sort of businesses you want to sell to look like. This might include their scope of works, their structure, their geographical location, and many other factors. What building an ideal customer profile does is help you to establish the key attributes of a business.

Once identified, you can use them to target other organizations with similar traits for greater effectiveness with your sales and marketing activities. Consequently, any sales manager or marketing executive who wants to get the best out of their sales activities can learn a lot from their ideal customer profile. Armed with one, you and your sales representatives will have a much better idea of which businesses to target and the best way of generating leads within them.

With so much reliance on technology these days to make pitches and introductions, such as videoconferencing tools, every action counts. Simply put, understanding your ideal customer profile better means being able to make every sales action and marketing process more effective. How? Read on to find out.

Defining the Ideal Customer Profile

Définir un Ideal Customer Profile consiste à déterminer le client idéal pour un type de produit donné. Il s’agit d’identifier les entreprises et organisations qui vont retirer le plus de valeur de votre produit ou service. Ce client idéal est aussi celui qui apportera le plus de bénéfices à votre entreprise. L’Ideal Customer Profile n’est pas figé dans le temps et peut évoluer en fonction du marché, des besoins des clients et de votre offre.

Grâce à votre définition, vous allez pouvoir orienter vos efforts commerciaux et marketing en direction des clients potentiels répondant aux critères de l’Ideal Customer Profile. Vous choisissez vos clients et mettez en place une stratégie pour que ces clients vous choisissent.

Une fois l’ICP construit, cette stratégie rejoint la démarche de l’account-based marketing (ou marketing des comptes stratégiques). Vos équipes marketing et commerciales travaillent alors de concert pour créer des contenus personnalisés à destination de vos prospects. Le discours est construit conjointement entre ventes et marketing, à chaque étape du processus. Ce ciblage expert a vocation à générer un meilleur taux de conversion.

How to Build an Ideal Customer Profile and Then Utilize It

Okay, now you have a handle on what an ideal customer profile is and how beneficial it can be for your sales and marketing activities, it is important to know a few things. How do you build one and, then, what do you need to leverage it in your company's favor? Basically, there are three steps you'll need to consider.

Step One: Find Your Ideal Customer Profile Template


To begin with, you need to come up with a template of what your ideal client looks like. To this end, look at your current clientele and establish which accounts put the highest volume of sales through. This is not enough on its own, so ask yourself which of these clients generates the most profit or has the potential to do so.

Your template for your ideal customer profile will include as many characteristics as possible among the clients you already have. These might be companies that write testimonials about you or that come to you with product ideas they'd like you to develop. Other good traits include how satisfied they are post-sales or with delivery times. Who do you speak to within the organization to resolve issues, and what characteristics does he or she have that set them apart?

Step Two: Search For Common Traits Among Your IdealCustomer Profile Template



Once you have identified all the good traits that make your most valuable customers so important to you as a business, it is time to move on to the next step. Here, you'll utilize your template of all the different characteristics you've found in the first step and look for commonalities among them. Sometimes, this might be the demographics of the buyers concerned, perhaps based on age or gender.

There again, it might be that your most important customers are the ones that offer the most repeat business or that are most willing to try new products or service offerings. In some cases, it may be how much interest they show in what you are doing or the sort of business function they perform. Note any common traits among your profile template because these characteristics will fit your ideal customer profile.

Step Three: Harness Your Ideal Customer Profile With Optimized Sales Processes

Armed with what you now know your ideal customer to be, it is time to use it when prospecting. One way to find out how a potential client might fit your paradigm is to utilize questionnaires to find out how much they conform, or otherwise, to your business ideal.

More likely, at the prospecting stage at least, is to make custom pitches that are optimized to your ideal customer profile. This way, your prospecting is targeted in such a way that the marketing is tailored to the most favorable accounts.

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