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With the spread of remote work or even social selling, sales professionals are evolving and this transformation is here to stay. Sales people need to ensure the success of their remote sales meetings more than ever. We therefore started Verticalls with a simple observation: traditional video conferencing tools are no longer suitable for the new sales profession.

Our story

For nearly 10 years, we have developed innovative applications for the biggest b2b trade fairs in Europe and around the world. When the event industry goes to sleep in 2020, we get to work on creating a new product: Verticalls.

"We have always been keen to promote the best business interactions through innovative features."

During our 10 years in the B2B trade fair industry, we have always been keen to promote the best business interactions through innovative features. It was therefore natural that we decided to create a video conferencing tool suited to the needs of salespeople.

Our vision

Remote selling has become the new standard. For you, this is an opportunity to limit your business trips: it saves you time, so that you can concentrate on your job.

Make a discovery call throught video conferencing? You can, but only with the right tool, so we've decided to bring you the best of traditional video conferencing, with the added bonus of features designed to help you convert, even remotly.

  • Our interface allows you to focus on your prospect: our tools are easily accessible during the video conference.
  • We also reduce your data entry time: all customer insights collected through Verticalls are automatically exported to your CRM.

Our video conferencing software is your new weapon to convert more leads online!

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