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Measure all the interactions of the virtual meetings

Sales documents, audio conversation, attention rate, questionnaires, evaluations ... Analyze all of your teams' activity and improve their performance!


Brand your video conferencing Interface.


Use sales enablement tools while video conferencing.


Improve your customer knowledge and your business processes.


Synchronize automatically your video meetings with your CRM.

Make video conferencing a competitive edge

Brand your video meetings and offer a great video conferencing experience to your prospects : they will be able to take notes directly in Verticalls and will have easy access to your presentation after the video meeting.

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Build your tools : sales arguments, pre-filled discovery checklists and presentations.



Your tools are here to help you during your video meeting, as well as stamped audio recordings and notes.



All your contacts and meetings are saved. You can synchronize all the data collected with your CRM.

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Transform your video meetings into sales

Sales enablement ​tools, data collection and CRM synchronization will save you precious time :

Notes taking in the interface
Pre-filled discovery checklists and sales arguments
Stamped audio recordings
Automatic data export to your CRM

Remote selling is the future

Remote selling is the new challenge of the sales teams.

Our vision

70% of buyers want to continue working remotely half or more of the time in the future.

State of sales 2021 report

The amount of revenue generated from video-related interactions has jumped by 69 percent since April 2020. Together, e-commerce and videoconferencing now account for 43 percent of all B2B revenue, more than any other channel.

Mckinsey & Company
Mckinsey COVID-19 B2B Decision-Maker Pulse #3

Virtual sales is definitely the new normal. Businesses can have this imposed on them, or they can write a new script. The best organizations are writing their own playbook.

Larry Long
Sales Coach and speaker

There's no denying it: Remote sales is here to stay. According to recent survey results, the office will no longer be the primary location of selling for many sales reps; our survey projected a 145% increase in reps working from home.

Cynthia Barnes
Salesforce Top influencer 2021

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